CODIFA was established in 1960, our retail outlet shopping is located 1.8km road Fouchana Chebbedda Naassen govern BEN AROUS 20km from the center of the capital Tunis. not very far off road to Kelidia Douar El Houche, there is our new plant (about 3km) to manufacture detergents and hygienic products of high quality.

Starting with the production of everyday household products like detergents, disinfectants and deodorizers. never ceasing to invest in the professional expertise and new technology to meet the market demnd. Now CODIFA products covers a wide range in homeuse detergents industry. More than 130 high-quality products are created to meet various customer needs with competitive prices.

After a long experience and know-how, CODIFA has earned the trust of many customers and consumers from markets home and abroad . Being a faithful partner for our local and foreign suppliers, we use raw materials of excellent standard responding to international security and health, produced by leading companies all over the world, committed to providing the best quality and the best service and acquire a sizable local market in the detergent and hygiene leader, and even for certain product (furniture polish, toilet descaler) and this before the competition of several local and international companies.

Today CODIFA products are mainly exported to Libya; with properous development and committed to providing the best quality and best service, Codifa is confidently stepping into new foreign markets all over the world.