Counter diffusion and manufacturing cleaning products Ltd is a family company created in 1960 to promote the maintenance product “Made in Tunisia” the Tunisian market

the first head office and factory are installed at 17 rue Fermate Montfleury in downtown Tunis.

In some years later in 1965 the premises proved inadequate, the company outsources the acquisition of land at Sidi Fathallah suburbs of Tunis was built much larger premises at the same time enriched its range of products new productions in addition to the manufacture of air freshener and insecticide spray or liquid form, part of the company manufacturing cosmetic products (shampoo – liquid and powder detergent – degreasing product – penetrating oil and other cleaning agents).

In 1976 a chain of conditional plastic packaging replaced the old glass packaging.

In 1990 the company made another acquisition of land located in more spacious road Fouchana Chebbedda Naassen.There CODIFA built larger factory where it has installed units from powder filling, liquid spray, which are more advanced and more efficient.